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 >[[Rev. Ivan Stang]], [[High Weirdness by Mail]], 1988 >[[Rev. Ivan Stang]], [[High Weirdness by Mail]], 1988
-Since the onset of the World Wide Web, weirdness ​has abounded onlineWith only a few clicks of your mouseyou can find yourself looking at the strangest sights imaginable…but all too oftenthose "​weird"​ sites are either pornographic rip-offs, lame "​funny"​ Web sites that make Fear Factor ​and That 70s Show look intelligent in comparison, or teasers ​for corporate product that wants nothing more than to sell you the latest toys and fads. (Is the Matrix ​[[MMORPG]] really all that weird or rebellious, or is it just another marketing spin-off for kids to waste time and spend money?)+ Look around ​the internet - what do you see? It's a complete clusterf*ck ​of weirdness ​- some with intent, some accidentally20 years agoRev. Ivan Stang and others wrote the book on kooksvisionaries ​and rogue weirdos of every stripe. ​That book is out of print. The original plan for the High Weirdness Project was to take the idea behind ​[[High Weirdness by Mail]] and translate ​it to the ever growing ever changing ever weirder internet. ​
-Furthermorethose mainstream printed books cataloguing the Web's "​weirdest"​ or "​funniest"​ Web sites are usually out of date within six months, as the sites portrayed moveevolve, or just go out of business. Even the great [[SubGenius]] tome High Weirdness By Mail, which has been cited as the inspiration ​for many of these compilations of weird sites, is full of names and addresses that are (alas) long out of date.+Mind youits a good chance someone may get offended - it may even be you! So if you are the kind to get your undies in a twist when things do not mesh with your world viewthis may not be the place for you.
-Hence the foundation of **The High Weirdness Project!** In preparation for the coming arrival of the Escape Vessels of the Alien X-ist Armada this coming July ([[X-Day]]),​ the First Online Church of "​Bob"​ opened its doors to the public, to allow for wider exposure of the so-called "​fringe elements"​ of our society: the strange, the weird, the blasphemous,​ the Slackful, and the subversiveThis site is dedicated to providing you, the reader, with a gateway to many strange, unusual, useful, and above all SLACKFUL sources of informationAnd because we are using wiki software, we are able to be constantly updatedAnyone is free to add their own contributions to this Web site – which guarantees that we will never be outdated. +But otherwise ​... Welcome
- +
-There have been a few other pagan-based wikis founded recently, including [[PaganWiki]],​ but The High Weirdness Project is not an attempt to build another "​encyclopedia."​ Rather, we are looking for links (and especially reviews) of information sources related to what is commonly known as "the fringe"​ elements of society (where many of us like to let it all hang out).+
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