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Atheists and Other Troublemakers

Camp Quest

Send your kids to a summer camp for atheists!

Church of Reality

If it's real, they believe in it.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Have you been touched by His noodly appendage?

The Church of The Invisible Pink Unicorn

They believe in an invisible pink unicorn. Nuff said.


All hail Discordia!

E-Mason: Freemasonry on the Internet

The secret cabal responsible for everything the Zionists aren't…or so some people think.

Rational Response Squad

In-your-face atheists out to challenge in-your-face fundamentalist Christians.

The Satanic Network

All the satanic crap you can ask for - 666, pentacles, black clothes, and so on.

The Secular Web

Freethinkers or atheists? You decide.

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth

Pretentious 1970s-era art-punk-rock groupies who founded their own religion.

Tim Boucher: Occult Investigator

Well, he's actually an occult researcher

Universal Life Church

As close to a “generic” religion as you can get.


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